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About the Designer

Jewelry and manufacturing are in Andrew Meyer's blood. His great grandfather was a watchmaker in Russia, and Andrew learned the basics of setting, polishing and sales while working in his father's jewelry shop. It was under the tutelage of a master jeweler that he eventually learned the ins and outs of manufacturing and in 1984 realized his dream in founding Andrew Meyer Design. In the beginning years, the line was focused on colored stones. However, Andrew soon started working extensively with diamonds and had already begun producing eternity bracelets when the "tennis bracelet" became a huge trend and instant classic. In the late 1980's, Andrew Meyer had the fortune of being chosen as one of the companies to partner with DeBeers' Diamond Promotion Service, which ultimately helped him to hone his focus to diamonds and the bridal market. Andrew saw firsthand that there was niche to be filled in the wedding band category and with his superior manufacturing techniques, introduced the well-made bands that continue to flourish in the market today.

A longtime and active member of the jewelry community, as well as a G.I.A graduate, Andrew has served as Vice President of A.G.S. and as a member of their board. He is one of the founders of the A.G.S. Lab. In addition, he has served on the Luxury, JFC, and JCK Advisory boards and is one of the founders of Prestige Promenade, where he also was on the board of directors.